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Continuity and Tradition

The gym has now been continuously running again for 4 months. With the capable leadership and decades long experience of Victor Walker, one of Sifu Woo’s most senior students, the tradition of honest and sincere training continues. Thank you Sifu Walker!

Tribute to Sifu James Wing Woo

Sifu James Wing Woo passed away Wednesday August 27th. Sifu Woo was an icon in the Chinese martial arts community, a US Navy veteran, an actor, and a family man. He was/is loved by many. He taught 3 generations of students . adsense account ban . Sifu Woo’s legacy lives on with his family, his students, and his teachings.

There will be a memorial at a later date(Sept 27th?) and a birthday party is being planned. We’ll post more information as soon as the dates/times/locations are confirmed.



Over the course of more than 40 years, a devoted  Wu Shu community of Tai Chi and Gung Fu practitioners have come to Los Angeles from near and far to practice with Sifu James Wing Woo.

His lifelong mission is to refine and perfect the James Wing Woo method of Chinese Martial Arts.

Sifu Woo always has something new to teach and inspire his students.  Sharp-eyed and keen-witted as ever, he continues to teach weekly classes in Tai Chi and Gung Fu at a spacious gym he built in 1988, in the back of his home in Los Angeles, California.

As he says, “You never stop learning, no matter how old you are.”